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Abu Dhabi Desert Safari

Revel in the exhilarating experience of touring one of the most exotic deserts of the world in Abu Dhabi. Take part in the Abu Dhabi Desert Safari tour of 6 hours that will sweep you across the desert in a euphoric and exciting round trip. Visit the Bedouin-themed camps nestled amid the raging sand dunes, and savor the sweet delicacy of the traditional Emirati food and activities. Luxuriate the wild ecstasy of the dune-bashing adventures, try out the exciting sand boarding, ride the lofty ship of the desert in the camel riding, take part in Henna Painting, luxuriate the delicious aroma of Arabic dates and coffee, and indulge your daring streaks with a spot of Sheesha Smoking. Don’t miss out on the thrilling and erotic Belly Dance & Tannura dance show, and join in a plethora of activities and fun. You may also rent a quad bike to race through the arid and romantic desert and call the day off with a fantastic view of the desert sunset and a delectable barbeque dinner complimented with fancy drinks that are included in the safari tour package.